RCG i4 Access Control System

> Capacity: Maximum 1,500 enrollments
> 50,000 transaction logs
> Proprietary algorithm provides industry's fastest matching
> High authentication accuracy with lowest FAR and FRR
> Easy programming for adding and deleting users
> Optical sensor accepts both dry or wet fingers
> Standalone or networked operation
> Blue backlit LCD screen
> Attractive color changeable numeric keypad
> Optional videophone
> Wireless doorbell
> Time Attendance Management Software provides attendance analysis, shift time table, employee schedule, holiday & leave, summary & reporting function > Auto Test, Sleep Mode
> Interfaces: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485

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Metal Case Access Control System

> Full metal vandal-proof
> Card capacity 500 users
> Personal password 500 sets
> 4 Openig Mode:
  - Password
  - Password + Password
  - Card + Password
  - Card + Card
> Reading distance 65mm > Optional accessory: Ring and alarm assistance relay output


EM Lock

L Bracket

U Bracket

ZL Bracket

Big Push Button

No Touch Exit Button

Push Button

Remote Control


Emergency Break Glass

Proximity Card
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